In addition to the support that we provide in the financial report making, FY Chile offers a variety of complex counsel services. In FY Chile, we acknowledge that the new and strictest regulations from the whole world are changing market demands and highlight the need of more creative solutions. Out team of consultants not only acts as counselors, but also are engaged in their team’s work. Moreover, we can be part of your meeting of counselors and/or Board of Directors in order to support and promote your vision, and suggest solutions to internal and external obstacles that may interfere with your business’s ability of competition and growth.

Leadership and Quality Counsel Service

An important feature of FY Chile’s partners and managers is that we make the first step to identify new business opportunities, we help our clients with their globalization efforts, and we take measures in order to prevent problems before they occur. In general, we constantly seek to suggest creative solutions in order to achieve goals and purposes of the organization, beyond our clients’ expectations.

Our abilities tested in order to understand different multi-jurisdictional problems have allowed us to lead in the professional market.